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Ham and Potato Quiche with Spinach, Bacon and Cheddar

Ham and potato quiche with spinach, bacon and cheddar | pigtailsinthekitchen.com

Quiche is one of those things I don’t make often enough.  I don’t know why.  It’s fairly quick, easy to make and is great as leftovers (if you’re like me and love leftovers).  And you can eat it for ANY MEAL.  Breakfast?  Duh, it’s eggs.  Brunch?  Quintessential.  Lunch?  Yup.  Dinner?  Go for it.   read more…


Cilantro Chicken made easy. Doesnt this look tasty?? (ALT-TEXT)

Easy Chicken Salad, Three Ways

I love the rotisserie chicken you can buy at the grocery store.  It's a quick and easy meal when I don't have time to cook, it usually lasts more than one day, and is versatile.  We're dark meat people, which means the legs and thighs are usually gone the first night.  So to make use of… Read More

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Mother’s Day Breakfast Souffles and Strawberry Yogurt Parfaits

  Mother’s Day Brunch: Mini Breakfast Souffles and Strawberry Yogurt Parfaits Many restaurants hike up the prices on Mother’s Day, but you can save some money and show mom how much you love her with this EXTREMELY easy breakfast.  The mini souffles are from Emeril and were featured in May’s Issue of “Everyday Food” (though for… Read More

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║ Ratings║  Taste: ★★★★☆ -  Visual: ★★★★★ -  Level: Intermediate -  Botch Factor: Medium -  I decided to try my hand at candy making after seeing this gumdrop recipe on Bakerella’s site.  Although the candy cubes are adorable, I decided to use the shaped ice-cube trays I have (and never use) for my gumdrops. I used strawberry, lemon and coconut flavoring.  The… Read More

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A Very Pigtails Thanksgiving

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!  This year I got to make the entire Thanksgiving meal myself and I couldn’t have been happier! We’re not big into turkey in my family and it was only going to be four of us, so I made a roast chicken with extra dark meat. The sides included baked… Read More

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Panda and Bunny Bread

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Coconut Pancakes

Tonight I made breakfast for dinner and—omigod—I have found my new favorite kind of pancakes: COCONUT!!!   If you like coconut you have to try these.  Add shredded, sweetened coconut to the batter and cook in LOTS of butter.  To finish, skip the maple syrup and sprinkle with sugar instead.  *drool*  … Read More

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Panda Bread

║ Ratings║  Taste: ★★★★☆ - Slightly salty because I used salted butter. Ooops! *_* Visual: ★★★★★ - So….amazingly…cute. Level: Intermediate - Steps are pretty straight-forward, but baking from scratch can be tricky and getting the dough to the right consistency took some tweaking. Botch Factor: Medium - Dough didn’t quite double in size, as recipe said, but it still came… Read More

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Corn Dog Pops

Who said cake pops have to be sweet?  The idea for these reinvented, grade-school favorites came to me while I was trying to think of non-traditional pop recipes. And because I made them in my new Baby Cakes Cake Pop Maker, they turned out warm, fluffy and perfectly round!  ║ Ratings║  Taste: ★★★★★ - If you are… Read More

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7 Cake Pop Tips for Newbies

This post was inspired by my friend, Lisa, who is making her very first batch of cake pops for her daughter’s birthday.  (I’m especially proud of her because she isn’t really into cooking.  So to that I say, “GO LISA! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!”)  Her questions got me thinking about the changes I’ve made to… Read More

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Cake Pop Maker!

 It’s here! It’s here!!!!  I can’t wait to try it out, but I’ll have to until this weekend.  I’m going to experiment with peanut butter and jelly cake pops.  I’ll post a review after I’ve tried the machine out.  Eeeeeee!!!! <!--nextpage--> PAGE 2 STUFFSS!!! <!--nextpage--> PAGE 3 STUFFS <!--nextpage--> PAGE 4 STUFFS… Read More

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